Monday 30 November 2020

HelixCheck - update v 1.0.1

I've just released a quick update to my GitHub Action - HelixCheck.

New release includes additional input parameter named excluded-projects which can be used to exclude projects that we don't want to be analysed. Example setup:

name: Helix Check

    branches: [ develop, master ]
    branches: [ develop, master ]

    name: Helix check
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: Checkout
        uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: Helix Check
        uses: ethisysltd/helix-check@v1.0.1
        id: check
          solution-file: 'Helixbase.sln'
          project-name: 'Helixbase'
          website-folder: 'website'
          excluded-projects: 'Helixbase.Foundation.NotFollowingHelix,Helixbase.Feature.RatherNotFollowingHelix'
      - name: Get the check result
        run: echo "Check result - ${{ steps.check.outputs.result }}"
      - name: Get the output time
        run: echo "The time was - ${{ steps.check.outputs.time }}"

Value of that parameter should be a string with comma-delimited names of projects. I couldn't use YAML's multiline collections syntax here because of GitHub Actions limitations.

Ideally this parameter shouldn't be used, as Helix project setup should be clean, but I've got some requests to add this. And, as usual, in real world solutions there can be legacy projects which might be a work in progress of refactoring, so there it goes!

If used, there will be additional warning added to the output, which won't affect the result outcome but will add more visibility of the setup gotchas:

This action can be found in GitHub marketplace here:

Code repo is available here:

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