About me

My name is Radosław Kozłowski and I am passionate Sitecore & .NET Developer and Architect.

I am Sitecore MVP of Technology for 2017.

I have a lot of professional Sitecore development experience. I work with Sitecore since beginning of 2013, as a developer and afterwards, team lead developer. 

I have worked on many British and international projects. I have implemented a lot of Sitecore customizations, like custom pipeline processors, event handlers, custom events, remote events. I was preparing structure for templates, layouts and content items for multisite Sitecore implementations. I have investigated complex issues connected with Sitecore performance, event queues, improper configurations. I was separating Content Management servers from Content Delivery and designing load-balanced architecture for overall better performance. I was preparing optimizations using Sitecore caches. I was integrating Sitecore with external systems using Data Providers and Data Exchange Framework. For one complex integration I was preparing database replication on MS SQL Server. I have expert knowledge in Sitecore upgrade process,  using Razl, setting up fresh instances and refactoring old versions custom code. I have worked in designing component based Sitecore structure for best solution to Experience Editor.

I really like to contributing with Sitecore community so I share my work, such as modules and packages, and my knowledge - with this blog and community forum.

I currently work as a Senior Sitecore developer.

You can write me at rkozlowski@post.pl
Also check out my twitter at https://twitter.com/Radek_Kozlowski


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