Wednesday 17 February 2016

Sitecore Module - Quick Package

Creating packages in Sitecore is quite simple, but sometimes you need to quickly create simple package with one item. For this purpose I have created Sitecore Marketplace package with my new module Quick Package.

This module provides rapid package creation, with just few clicks. It doesn't replace Sitecore Package Designer just lets simple actions be done faster. Module adds context menu item for all Sitecore items:

There is also new button on Developer tab:

By clicking on these elements you will see a popup, where you can set name of created package. By default it is item name which is currently selected and current date and time. You can also uncheck 'Include descendants' checkbox if you want only selected item in package - not whole tree beneath.

I have published it on Sitecore Marketplace:
Full source code is available on github:

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