Sunday 10 June 2018

Sitecore 9 installation scripts

As Sitecore 9 installation is much different than in previous versions and we have now Sitecore Installation Framework, I would like to share with you my installation PowerShell scripts.

First of all, many thanks to George Chang for the Sitecore 9 install script which I based mine (

First thing you will need to do is have Solr installed. It is required from v.9.0 to have Solr running and on SSL. There is a great post by Jeremy Davis about installing Solr easily by his PS script -

After we have Solr installed and running on https we can start installing our Sitecore 9 instance.

We need to have Sitecore Installation Framework installed to our PowerShell. Here is the script that takes care of it:


And here is the Sitecore 9 installation script itself. There is a configuration object as first in the code, you can specify there Sitecore version to install, SQL Server credentials and Solr configuration.

All scripts are available on my GitHub:

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