Monday 6 June 2016

Issue with Final Layout and Experience Editor: The layout for the requested document was not found

Recently I have found some bug with Sitecore 8.1 Update-2 and Experience Editor.

When I add some rendering and save the page, it appears and it's all ok. But when I remove it and save, I am getting this error:

The layout for the requested document was not found

Also all Final Renderings are gone:

I have found out that when I edit 'Final renderings' field by hand, save it, and then remove all contents of this, the same issue appears.

I am resolving it by resetting the Final Layout. I think it may be some inconsistency with checking null or empty string.

I also find out that this case is known issue:
With public reference number 108023

I have asked support about  this issue and I get a fix for that. Unfortunately it didn't help me.
However I also got an information how to workaround this issue.

There is a "Reset blank" checkbox field in __Final Renderings item. It is located in
/sitecore/templates/System/Templates/Sections/Layout/Layout/__Final Renderings
Purpose of this option is to reset field value to default when saving field is set to empty value.

And the information that I got from Support:
This is very handy in situations where it doesn’t make sense to have the field blank. And, as the initial issue led to erasing the contents of the __Final Rendering field, ticking this checkbox allows Sitecore to use the Standard Values of the item's template. And this fixes the issue.
 Hope this will be helpful for someone :)

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